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Security can be said as opportunity from, or strength against, potential damage (or other undesirable coercive change) brought about other people. 

Security for the most part alludes to assurance from unfriendly powers, however it has a wide scope of different faculties: for instance, as the nonappearance of damage (for example opportunity from need); as the nearness of a basic decent (for example sustenance security); as versatility against potential harm or mischief (for example secure establishments); as mystery (for example a protected phone line); as regulation (for example a safe room or cell); and as a perspective (for example enthusiastic security).

Security theater is a basic term for measures that change view of security without essentially influencing security itself. For instance, visual indications of security assurances, for example, a home that publicizes its caution framework, may prevent an interloper, regardless of whether the framework capacities appropriately. Also, the expanded nearness of military faculty in the city of a city after a fear based oppressor assault may console the general population, regardless of whether it lessens the danger of further assaults.

A security officer’s responsible in protecting their client from variety of hazards (usually in the form of criminal acts). Security personnel¬†enforce company rules and can act to protect lives and property, and they sometimes have a contractual obligation to provide these actions.


  1. Make themselves visible
  2. Be on the alert and vigilant
  3. Act quickly and correctly in a crisis situation
  4. Observe and report
  5. Call for help when needed
  6. Follow procedures and check that rules are being obeyed
  7. Maintain order at large gatherings
  8. Receive visitors and guests
  9. Offer security and safety precautions
  10. Various other responsibilities




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