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Fruit picking or natural item picking is an infrequent development that usually happens during the harvest time in places with natural fruits or plant growing wild or being developed.

Sultan Kamara Apple picking is an organisation found at apple farms. Apple manors will be opened to people when all is done,  supporting consumers to pick their own apples or sometimes buy pre-picked apples.

Regardless of the technique, this is a system for gathering apples, it is usually a social activity as well. Apple picking is a standard dating custom in the American. Apple manors that consider a family excursion will be given additional activities that is more than picking apples. Many people have petting zoos and country shops that sell similar things, for example, home-made sticks. This activity is most conspicuous in the Northeastern United States.

Most apples that fall off from the trees are mostly used to make squeezed apple. Squeezed apple is a sweet juice made from beating the apples, and also by pressing out the juice.

Most apple picking is done by workers, who can be paid commonly low wages.  



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